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Neo FoodTech Co Ltd. was born in 2007. Our business is specialized in supplying food additive and food ingredients in food processing industry. Actually, our company full name of “New Oriented Food Technology Company Limited” itself already said out our goal to set “a new orientation” toward clean and safe food for human being use. Our founders all have 15 – 20 years of working experience in food processing industry and were well-trained in Germany, Spain, USA as well as in South East Asia region like Thailand and Singapore. Please give us a chance to serve you. We are very pleased to offer you our new ideas, new solutions and/or new technologies in the following fields:

– Meat and meat processing
– Seafood and seafood processing
– Bakeries
– Noodles
– Food flavours and colors
– Waste water treatment from food factories
– Centrifuge application in several industries


Best regards,

Neo FoodTech Co Ltd.