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Có thể bạn quan tâm:

1. Origin: Singapore.

2. Usage:

The product is white powder to help stabilize, increase the texture of processed foods derived from rice flour such as fresh noodles, vermicelli, rice paper. Especially suitable for instant drying products.

3. Usage:

Average consumption of 100g per 100kg of rice or rice flour. Reduction depends on the quality of rice.
Dry Mix: Mix well with the amount of rice flour used before kneading the flour with water. Note to mix well to K100 dispersed completely.
Wet Mix: Take some water from the water soak it and dilute it with K100. Slowly add the water during rice milling. Note: Water phase slowly into K100 until completely melted. Avoiding the process will make the clutter very difficult to handle.

4. Dosage:

The rate of use is from 0.5-1g / kg of product (50g-100g / 100kg of rice or rice flour).


Guar gum (INS 412), xanthan gum (INS 415), modified starch.

6. Storage:

Store in dry and cool place, away from sunlight and in closed condition. Expiry date of 2 years.

7. Packing: 20kg bag – 1kg package.

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