Flottweg centrifuge

By end of 2007, Neo Foodtech was appointed to be exclusive agent of Flottweg AG, Germany for Vietnam market. Flottweg AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial centrifuges. The company, headquartered in Vilsbiburg, achieves an annual turnover of over 116 Million Euros with an export rate of more than 85 %. Flottweg has own subsidiaries and branch offices with service centers in the US, in People’s Republic of China, in Russia, Italy, Poland, France, Australia and Mexico. Since then, Flottweg centrifuges are well-known in several Vietnamses industries such as fishmeal production from fish by-product, surimi production, fruit juice, waste water treatment mineral mining…

Centrifuging technology is recently one of latest teachnologies. The investment cost may be big at the beginning but production cost down to the end would be very small. Our sales and technical team is here to serve all of your requests. Contact us now or thru hotline: +84.906909138, contact person: Ms Le Thi An

cpf_allgemein2Flottweg is specialized in 6 departments in order to serve customers better

FL machine typesjpegFlottweg machine types

Flottweg Neo operationThis is our working style

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